Philmore Productions(TM) introduces Philmore Voicemail(SM)

Philmore Productions(TM) introduces Philmore Voicemai(SM)

For more information or to get your very own voicemail box, please contact:

Phone: 1-866-443-8862, Email:

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"Philmore voicemail™ has increased my productivity and has allowed me to streamline my business so I can use my personal time for me."
                                        - Jennifer P.

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What We Do

Philmore Productions™, owner and operator of the Net-By-Phone(SM) Voice Internet Service, now offers voicemail service. With Philmore Voicemail(SM), you get a voice mail box with your own Chicago phone number (local numbers and toll-free numbers available--activation and usage charges apply).

Philmore Voicemail allows the blind and visually-impaired to engage in social networking through the exchange of voice messages, without the need to utilize a computer.


Our Voice Mail Boxes include:

·         A 90-minute outgoing greeting - ideal for informational or entertainment programs

·         20-minute incoming messages

·         Rewind, pause, fast-forward, and volume controls available during playback of outgoing greeting as well as incoming messages

·         Call Counts

·         Reply to messages sent by boxholders automatically

·         Send and Forward messages to individual boxholders or a distribution list

·         Instant Messaging - send messages to people on the system immediately

·         User Directory

·         Save up to 1500 messages for 6 months


Announcement-Only Box - $4.95/mo.

Message-Taking Box with Instant Messaging - $12.95/mo.

Tree-structured Menu (main menu greeting with up to 9 sub-greetings) - $10.00/box

Priority Directory Listing - $5.00/mo./box